The Process of Learning: Here and Now

The process of learning
is in truth, the process of experiencing
and what the spiritual science refers to, is that the living experience should try and should finally reach what can’t be reached by any other method :

A lasting peace, which, of course will take us to a personal relationship with God, including in this whole dynamics, an elaborated improvement in our consciousness and in our conduct towards all that exist in the universe.
So that, to learn is to initiate us in the discernment of the conscious practice, of the method of spiritual awakening, discovering and recognizing the real needs that cover life expectancy.
Because, the aspects that are evident as
love, service, surrender
are not the only ones that are spiritual, but the elemental aspects are also spiritual, as the ones required in the daily life :
to love, to breath and to self develop in all the stages
including, of course, from the economic things to the intimate things, because the spiritual life is like that.

It is not something distant to look at, but is something of the daily living.
God exists here in this instant -sensible and profound- where our heart beats as well as all the hearts of our fellow men
And it is also here, in this now, where we live and solve all the necessary matters of the human social behavior and not only the behavior of man to man, but the behavior of the whole nature.
And of course, this is the spiritual science since is the spirit himself who has to do with the most agile and at the same time, the most complex, with the most evident and the most hidden.
We are not in a world, that is in conflict with truth or with love.
There is in fact a lot of chaos in our planet but we will not find the answers by traveling beyond the stars, neither by looking to be born or to embody.
But on the contrary, we will find the answers by living fully as when we are thirsty, even the last drop is important and in the same way, even the last gesture or expression of the thought or of the feeling are important and necessary because in the same way that a man takes care of his children
and even an animal takes care of his litter
in the same way, the spirit can’t be less
and for this reason it will be said in the spiritual science that

“learning is the consciousness of the here and now.”


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