How to Overcome Suffering. Inspirational.

When the suffering is deep and profound, it confuses and harm making us giving up and losing hope. Yes, it might seem that life has no sense.
There are sufferings so great and intense that happiness seems dead and even madness would be better because the suffering opens gaps in the soul, because the heart bleeds and anguish takes over the mind; the will does not want more. It is the denial of denials and self denial.
Then, at this point, the miracle happens and God illuminates with His Mercy and in spite of everything, His Light springs forth victorious in the mystery of Faith.


5 thoughts on “How to Overcome Suffering. Inspirational.

  1. Thank you! I am, at this moment in the place you have described. Below the bottom and at my will’s end. But I had forgoten the fact…
    “Then, at this point, the miracle happens and God illuminates with His Mercy and in spite of everything it springs forth victorious in the mystery of Faith.”
    It has reminded me and helped me in the middle of this horrid situation I am battling.

  2. Karen Johnston

    My life from childhood on has been a series of struggles, pain, torment, beatings, confusion, abandment, I sometimes pray that Jesus will come for me now and not leave me here.

    My life is still full of pain of which i cannot escape, I trust in the Lord and the Holy Spirit has comforted me, how much longer must I suffer.

    Why does Jesus not come for me now, why must i endure more pain which i cannot cope with. I feel useless worthless of value to no one.

    I am desperatley seeking the Lord I pray every single night I pray the Rosary and ask our Blessed Mother to intercede on my behalf. I know the Lord loves me, just this world does not and never has. I should never have been born as my mother had wished upon me.

  3. Elizabeth

    I have found myself wanting to hide in a majestic mist of fantasy. Hearing melodic enchantments that will heal my soul. Oh how do I feel so good as to be as good as myself? For I am such an angel in my mind of decency. Of course anger and frustrations have driven me when people try to break my pride to suit themselves in destructive ways and I want to be respected for dignity and uplift myself who is utterly left in shambles by not being respected. I have done dignified deeds I think trying to love innocence and do the right thing and I await the day it pays. I live in fear of how people have resented me for no good reason at that though I want to live a perfect non abused life. Maybe I don’t need anothers opinion sometimes and maybe I should love some out there that might have opinions as mine. For I have thought of such decencies and kept my secrets pretty well most of the time when I could I do only want myself to love most of the time because of fear of others. Sometimes the opinion comes from saving people’s life by informing of situations and then not even being able to spend a red cent or even have a place to live if I wander. When will my days pay and when will I have a love to explore? I think of secrets I have shared with national securities to save the world and How I should be honored in ways because I have a life of loving myself for being a deeper thinker than has actually been awarded. I am not sure howI get turned down for I have thought and shared ways for such a lovelier future for the planet I was born to the facts overwhelming me of what it is. How was I born on a planet where any fact could show that is of hell. I am a precious baby in ways and want to be loved even if it is a far and distant cry from what I have been through. I don’t want to be broken of my cooth and cool my love for innocence. When will my rewards be for I so loved the world that I gave myself in my most loving works instead of researching what it is which did leave me in a state of denial in a way. It left me so hopeless to not be treated right when the ring of perfection and Eternal Peace and Love and Infinities of Happiness I shared my deepest most graceful inner thoughts of pure euphoria on. All I want is my stuff back now I want it back now!!!! For I love it even if it would never get me a reward!!!!! I love myself even if there is not another so bold and I want to have my loves my poetries my thoughts my makings my life all to myself.

  4. Jacob

    I am confused and suffering since birth.
    I know only God can take me out of this situation.
    I don’t know when.
    Hence, the waiting continues,
    for that blessed moment.
    Only faith will help.
    Faith makes the impossible, possible.

    God bless


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