The Lady with no Face. For Reflection

What a beautiful adorned bride! Nobody has ever been able to run away from your charm. The door of heaven and hell is open with your kiss. You always bring assistance or weeping. You are the river that leads to the sea of eternity. And also the moon ray that is diluted in the darkness. You are always passionate and faithful. Required by some and despised by others.Nevertheless, you always impose your presence. Your absence has never occurred in life. And from the old ones to the children, everyone answers your call. What is the reason to love you? What is the reason to hate you? You are in an inevitable way, the most real destiny and the deepest embrace. The weeping of death and the joy of eternal rebirth are in your voice. And you are who reveal the mystery. You are who conquer fear.

You are the one who make equal the rich and powerful with the humble and abandoned ones. Your hands seem fragile and delicate but they are enormous claws that at a moment time, can snatch the life of a whole nation.

You are the lady of silence, the open tomb, the eyes lost in the infinite and the heart that has stop beating. But you are not only fright, but also a calmed field for the anxious spirit, since the ones who are trapped by you, does not even have hope.  You take everything as if you were fire, that not even calms with the burning of the ashes, that is not enough for you, does not satiate you. You demand, protest and flee. Your presence separates everyone. We all are a broken glass vase in front of you. And you even reclaim for you and without scruple, all the content: If there is intelligence, science, wisdom, ignorance, madness and perdition, you accept everything. You clean and polish, until the bones whiten, until all the faces smile. Because your footprint is a cold and pale skeleton.

I don’t fear you. I know that you will come someday, but you can’t take my energy. You’ll only be a bridge, a path, a guide. You’ll only be a way and this is the virtue of the Spirit. Because although my days finish, you will not take my being.  Because, death can only take the emptiness of the heart, but it can’t take Love, can’t take Truth, because the Spirit is beyond the embrace of eternity itself.

2 thoughts on “The Lady with no Face. For Reflection

  1. I’ve read it again. I now know. Thanks for sharing. I really liked this riddle. It made me think. Quite provocative. Again, Thanks. Be Loved and most importantly, Be Love. . . .

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