Inner Peace

Peace, the so much longed peace seems to have been crying for many years because she cannot live in any heart; many yearn for her, many implore but who are the ones who truly treasure her, while, she just cries, because in her name, man kills and raises flags and gives shouts of war.

Each new day, she seems to weaken, she wants to love, she wants to be loved but who may have a heart as pure as crystal where she can reflect her candor?

To speak about peace would seem -many times- to speak lies shamelessly because who has a true innocent intention?

Inner peace will only live in the man, who has calmed the winds of selfishness and only when the filial love arrives, then, peace will heal the wounds and will sing the happiness of her natural love, where we all are equal because peace lives in True Love.

Love without Limits

When Love does not have frontiers, then, there are neither abyss, distance, nor anything that can separate Love from Love. This is a law of life, therefore, Love always lives in the present and will never leave, because he is always alert, always attentive, enamored of life and unconditionally committed. Love is spirit, because is the fundamental source of everything that exists. And this can be difficult to understand, without explanation.

The explanation is clear, simple, direct and deep: ” Love is vital and integral, because is the most honest and purest expression of the genuine interest that tries to accomplish true good.”

The expression “I Love you,” means, I am interested in you, in what happens to you, in your needs, your happiness and your sorrows. For that reason, Love is real, because is truly present, not as an unreachable philosophical dream, but as a connection which tries to accomplish lasting good. Therefore, he has no frontiers, because nothing can chain or limit him.
He is, as the light is for the eyes, since he teaches and gives us the vision of reality.

Healing Touch of the Day

I can truly say that once I saw a star in the sky, which was shining and wonderful.

That star seemed like your eyes, that have its own light.
Since that day, there is nothing in me but that remembrance, that fills everything and beats, more loudly than my own heart.
It is the whole source of every new inspiration because it has taken everything.

The look has expanded, filling every space, the totality of the distances, reasons, thoughts, motivations. It has filled everything.

Those eyes are the inspiration, always giving and especially, always filling everything.

And if Art does not have this flavor, if it does not ride on the clouds if it does not submerge in the depth of the desires, then, how can the Art for the Heart give ?

It is captive,surrenders and the only thing that it can do is:
“To Give in order to Be.” and ” To Be in order to Give.”

The Awakening of the Spirit

There is something that meets the dreams, something that meets the intentions, that concentrates our will and our being and enlarges, refines it.

A perfect source that defines the mystery, that is to say, that deciphers life and the inner content of man and the universe itself.

When thousands of years ago, man looked at dreams, he may have asked himself, what was in them as sustaining force, as primordial light, reflected on the stars.

A dew in the night, drops of light that illuminate not only the path but also the feeling, in order to learn and awaken the look of the heart, that reveals the awakening of the Spirit.

The Beginning or The End

There is a very small town where two similar and at the same time different stories are told. But there are some, who say that these are not two stories but two endings of a great story.

One had a happy ending and the other was very regrettable.

It is told like this: Two men, one was very rich and powerful and the other was wise and profound in his reflections. The same day, unknowingly, both had a son in different places but in the same town. And both, oddly, gave the same name to their sons. But the names here are unimportant, it is just a coincidence, as many others, but the end of the story, somewhat will make us reflect about the names, maybe ours.

The sons of these men grew up healthy and strong but since it was a small town, and both fathers wanted the best for their sons, they sent them to a bigger city, the great city, the capital of the great kingdom. With this purpose in mind, both fathers, in their own way, tried to do the best for their sons.

The day and the moment came and both fathers took their sons to the frontier of the small town. They had to leave and it was a long way with many days ahead.

Then, one of the fathers, said to his son: ” I have accumulated a very important treasure during my life and I want you to take it as base and foundation for your studies, so you can become a good man. Do not come back until twelve years have gone by, when you have finished your profession and have become successful. This treasure that I am giving you, will take you to a safe port, use it with wisdom and be fair and self restrained.

While the other father, not very far away, was saying, unknowingly, the same words, as another coincidence. Maybe the intonation was different but literally the same words, without omitting anything, was said.

Then, each young man, took the precious treasure given by their fathers and started their journeys. And time and destiny passed, there was wind and there was no wind, there was rain and there was no rain, hot days and days that were not hot.

Both fathers would carry in their hearts, the wish to see their sons. Many things had to happen and in fact, happened. Time kept passing, as it usually does, one day after the other, and after twelve years, both parents went to the frontier of the city as they had done before.

Twelve years are not too many years, but the young men had changed quite a lot. Then, the fathers saw a caravan leaded by a man who was served by many who admired and loved him. There were carriages, wagons, and carts. They all were dressed with fine clothing. But a little behind them, another man was coming, who didn’t seem to have the best of luck. He was very thin and pale, he was wearing ragged clothes, very worn out and he seemed to be in very bad shape and with a tormented look.

When the fathers saw this scenery, they approached each other and one of them shouted -since he raised his voice- calling the attention of the man who was coming with a great entourage and said: ” My son, I can see that you have succeeded and that you multiplied the treasure that I gave you and even bring more. You now have power and give orders to many.”

While the other man, who was very near, when he saw the other pale and weak character, was left almost speechless but said: ” If you are my beloved son, who left some time ago, maybe you did not appreciate the treasure but I open my heart to you, just as if you had done well.”

Both fathers then, waited and both sons approached them, but not in the order that they had apparently been identified but just the opposite.

The man who had more wealth, inclined in front of the conciliatory father and said: ” Father, I knew how to keep the treasure and what I have reached is not only the obvious power but the secret that was revealed to me within the treasure that you gave me and today I bow in front of you, I am grateful and I appreciate you.”

And he had not finished saying these words when the pale, sick, man inclined in front of the father who had not recognized him and said these words : ” The treasure that you gave me, turned into a curse, it confused my life, put in the wrong road my senses, and I lost everything, conscience, reason and became the poorest of the beggars.”

But what happened here? What were these treasures? Who were these fathers?

One of them was a very rich merchant and the treasure that he gave his son was given in gold, a lot of gold.

The other father, was wise and learned, he gave his son, some manuscripts with deep, direct but at the same time simple reflections.

And it happened that when these young men arrived in the big city, one of them, when he found that his treasure was gold, he threw away the opportunity, going with bad companies, he wasted so much that he even wasted his own body, his senses, feelings, values, and all who followed and flattered him, when he used his last piece of gold, abandoned him and he was left wretched and his life worsen, because he only knew that he did not know how to live life the right way.

But the other young man, discovered his treasure, he had to take good care of himself, he valued the discipline, the effort, the work and he didn’t go with bad companies and during bad times, the treasure never diminished, on the contrary, it grew.

Two men, two fathers, only one name.
Now, what treasure would you like to have?
What is your goal? You decide…

Healing Touch of the Day

Spirituality means life. The one who does not have tenderness is as something that doesn’t have life.
The mouth only filled with words is as a soup with no substance.
Success in life depends on how much Love we are able to give.