The Essential Secret

The Art of Flowing Let's start with some definitions: Spirituality: Spirituality has as foundation, the personal relationship, between man and God and between God and man. It is important to understand, that spirituality does not exclude the relationship of man and nature but is also important to understand, that man does not adore the creation … Continue reading The Essential Secret


The Eternal Force of the Warrior

The warrior was tired after the battle. He had fought against a large army. It had been a battle where he didn’t sleep, eat or drink during four days.  He was really exhausted. Then, he sat on the ground and thought: There is an inner battle that is stronger than the one that I just … Continue reading The Eternal Force of the Warrior

The Process of Learning: Here and Now

The process of learning is in truth, the process of experiencing and what the spiritual science refers to, is that the living experience should try and should finally reach what can’t be reached by any other method : A lasting peace, which, of course will take us to a personal relationship with God, including in … Continue reading The Process of Learning: Here and Now

The Greatest Manifestation of the Spirit

Man is able to love God, to love life to love peace and to love all the beings of the universe by the power inspired in the Divine Glory of being, above all grateful. This will not be expressed by words but by works, which will turn the hands that edify and build into a … Continue reading The Greatest Manifestation of the Spirit


The Greatest Loss

Something different happened in this town.  People in charge were supporting and giving orientation to the townspeople and asking  for donations to help the ones who had a bad year and many losses. For that purpose, they announced in the town square, asking people to bring proof of their loss so they could be helped.  One Hundred persons applied saying: " There was … Continue reading The Greatest Loss


The Unconditional Reality found in Meditation

Beyond everything, beyond nothing, is man in front of himself. When we deepen in the meditation, then, the forms and the concept, preference, indifference or what we reject, they all cease, we are left without solitude, direction, goal, or path. This might seem a great contradiction but the answer is: that the form is contained … Continue reading The Unconditional Reality found in Meditation